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Congressional Research Service report "Fatherhood Initiatives: Connecting Fathers to Their Children" written by Carmen Solomon-Fears, dated October 22, 2013

HHS report "Catalog of Research: Programs for Low-Income Fathers," Mathematica Policy Research, December 2011

"Making Fathers Count: Assessing the Progress of Responsible Fatherhood Efforts" Annie E. Casey Foundation 2002 -{5931A803-4E1C-421B-844C-65644D6968E6}

"Analysis of Federal-State Financing of the Child Support Enforcement Program", July, 2012

"Child Support Enforcement Program Incentive Payments: Background and Policy Issues," May 2, 2013

CRS Report RS22380, "Child Support Enforcement: Program Basics"

HHS report "A Collaboration and Strategic Planning Guide for States: Child Access and Visitation Programs."

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Dr. Rosen's 2017 Congressional Presentation on Family Court

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